Value creation


The value chain

The integrated presentation of financial and non-financial information makes it possible to effectively communicate the business model and the value creation process both in terms of results and the short- and medium/long-term outlook, constituting an important input for a process of informed financial decisions by investors and other stakeholders, especially in consideration of the fact that environmental, social and economic aspects are increasingly significant in terms of assessing the ability to create financial value for all categories of stakeholders.
The following graphical representation summarizes the value chain of the Enel Group with the main inputs used and how they are transformed into outcomes and value created for stakeholders by the organization and the business model of the Group, which is characterized by sound and transparent governance and a sustainable strategy that prioritizes the pursuit of SDGs 7, 9, 11 and 13, among other things.

Value Creation

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  • Future of work and People centricity
    Future of work

    Automation and Robotics
    Gig Economy
    Creativity and Design Thinking

    People centricity

    Competition for Talents and STE(A)M
    New Ways of Working (Habits and Spaces)
    Caring and Inclusion

  • Context: Opportunity and Threats

    Circular Cities
    Innovate to Zero
    Freemium Business Model
    Autonomous World
    Zero Latency (5G)
    Turmoil of Competition
    Connected Living


    Emerging Raw Materials
    Environmental and Climate Urgency
    Heterogenous Society (Millennials, Gen Y and Z)

  • Our resources

    45,415 M€ Net Financial debt
    42,357 M€ Equity
    10,197 M€ Capital expenditure
    78,718 M€ Property, plant and equipment
    84.0 GW Net efficient installed capacity
    45.0 GW Net efficient installed renewables capacity
    2.2 M km Electricity distribution and transmission grid
    44.3 M End users with active smart meters
    74.3 M End users
    69.5 M Retail customers
    23.2 M Retail customers, free market
    105.2 k Charging points
    17,668 M€ Intangible assets
    13,264 M€ Concessions


    66,717 Employees
    21.5% Women as proportion of total employees
    3,825 Women in management positions



    22.9% Water withdrawals in water-stressed areas

  • Outcome and value created for stakeholders

    65,081 M€ Economic value generated directly by the Group
    4,245 M€ Total Tax Borne
    4,755 M€ Purchase of treasury shares and dividends pai
    484.6 TWh Electricity transported
    298.2 TWh Electricity sold
    64,985 M€ Revenue
    17,940 M€ Ordinary EBITDA
    5,197 M€ Group ordinary profit
    2.9 GW Additional efficient installed renewables capacit
    25.7 k Public and private charging points installed in 2020
    SAIDI (min.) 258.9
    Intellectual properity:
    837 applications for patents, of which 692 grante


    0.521 Injury frequency rate
    40.9 Hours of training (average hours per employee)
    6.0% Turnover



    214 gCO2eq/kWh Specific direct greenhouse gas emissions - Scope 1
    31.6% Water consumption in water-stressed areas