Results by Business Line

The representation of performance by Business Line presented here is based on the approach used by management in monitoring Group performance for the two years under review, taking account of the operational model adopted by the Group as described above.
With regard to disclosures for operating segments, as management reports on performance by business area, the Group has therefore adopted the following reporting sectors:

  • primary segment: Business Line;
  • secondary segment: geographical segment.

The Business Line is therefore the main discriminant in the analyses performed and decisions taken by the management of the Enel Group, and is fully consistent with the internal reporting prepared for these purposes since the results are measured and evaluated first and foremost for each Business Line and only thereafter are they broken down by country.
The following chart outlines these organizational arrangements.

The organizational model, which continues to be based on matrix of divisions, provides for the integration of the various companies in the Enel Green Power Business Line into the various divisions by geographical segment, including the functional assignment of large hydro operations, which formally remain attributed to the thermal generation companies, and a definition of the geographical segments (Italy, Iberia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Central/Holding). In addition, the business structure is arranged as follows: Thermal Generation and Trading, Enel Green Power, Infrastructure and Networks, End-user Markets, Enel X, Services and Holding/Other.
In order to improve the presentation of the performance of the various Business Lines, as from March 31, 2020 the data pertaining to large customers managed by the generation companies in South America and Mexico have been reallocated to the End-user Markets Business Line. Consequently, in order to ensure full comparability of the figures for the two years under review, the comparative figures for 2019 have been adjusted appropriately.