9.b Other income - €2,362 million

Millions of euro      
  2020 2019 Change
Operating grants 12 19 (7) -36.8%
Grants for environmental certificates 342 475 (133) -28.0%
Capital grants (electricity and gas business) 24 25 (1) -4.0%
Sundry reimbursements 371 521 (150) -28.8%
Gains on the disposal of subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures, joint operations and non-current assets held for sale 15 325 (310) -95.4%
Gains on the disposal of property, plant and equipment, and intangible assets 58 79 (21) -26.6%
Service continuity bonuses 40 32 8 25.0%
Other income 1,500 1,485 15 1.0%
Total 2,362 2,961 (599) -20.2%


“Grants for environmental certificates” amounted to €342 million, a decrease of €133 million compared with the previous year, mainly registered by e-distribuzione due to a decrease in grants received from the Energy and Environmental Services Fund for energy efficiency certificates (EECs), mainly reflecting the decrease in quantities handled.

“Sundry reimbursements” mainly declined due to the effect of the recognition in 2019 of the contractually envisaged reimbursement due following the exercise by a large industrial customer of an option to withdraw from a contract for the supply of electricity from Enel Generación Chile (€160 million, of which €80 million relating to the Thermal Generation and Trading Business Line and €80 million relating to the Enel Green Power Business Line).

Gains on the disposal of subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures, joint operations and non-current assets held for sale came to €15 million in 2020, a decrease of €310 million, which mainly reflected:

  • the gain on the sale of Mercure Srl, a special-purpose vehicle to which Enel Produzione had previously transferred the Valle del Mercure biomass plant (€108 million);
  • the negative goodwill (of €181 million) resulting from the definitive allocation of the purchase price of (i) a number of companies sold by Enel Green Power North America Renewable Energy Partners LLC (€106 million) and (ii) Tradewind, which transitioned from being an associate to a wholly-owned subsidiary (negative goodwill of €75 million);
  • the gains of €42 million on the disposals of Gratiot and Outlaw, two renewable energy projects developed by Tradewind.

“Other income” increased by €15 million, mainly due to the recognition in 2020 of:

  • an increase in income recognized by e-distribuzione for the reimbursement of system charges and grid fees on the basis of Resolutions no. 50/2018 and 461/2020 of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) (€158 million);
  • an increase registered by Enel North America in income from tax partnerships (€139 million), other revenue from indemnities and litigation (€31 million) and the sale of the Haystack wind project (€45 million);
  • income for the eco-bonus subsidy relating to energy and seismic upgrading posted by Enel X Italia (€20 million);
  • the negative goodwill recognized on the acquisition of Paytipper following the completion of the purchase price allocation process (€20 million).

In 2019, this item mainly included income for:

  • the early all-inclusive settlement of the second indemnity of €50 million connected with the disposal in 2009 of the interest held by e-distribuzione in Enel Rete Gas;
  • Edesur’s settlement agreement (€233 million) with the Argentine government to resolve reciprocal disputes originating in the period from 2006 to 2016;
  • the price adjustment in the acquisition of eMotorWerks in 2017 following the application of contractual clauses (€98 million).

The following table shows a breakdown of total revenue by business segment based on the approach used by management to monitor the Group’s performance during the two years being compared.

Millions of euro 2020
  Thermal Generation and Trading Enel Green Power Infrastructure and Networks End-user Markets Enel X Services Other, eliminations and adjustments Total
Revenue from sales and services 20,242 7,150 18,381 29,151 1,026 1,841 (15,168) 62,623
Other income 562 542 961 357 95 29 (184) 2,362
Total revenue 20,804 7,692 19,342 29,508 1,121 1,870 (15,352) 64,985
Revenue from sales and services 31,705 7,157 20,599 32,098 1,011 1,946 (17,150) 77,366
Other income 307 560 1,190 501 119 35 249 2,961
Total revenue 32,012 7,717 21,789 32,599 1,130 1,981 (16,901) 80,327