27.1 Other non-current financial assets included in net financial debt - €2,745 million


Millions of euro        
  at Dec. 31, 2020 at Dec. 31, 2019 Change
Securities at FVOCI 408 416 (8) -1.9%
Other financial assets 2,337 2,769 (432) -15.6%
Total 2,745 3,185 (440) -13.8%

Securities measured at FVOCI represent financial instruments in which the Dutch insurance companies invest a portion of their liquidity.

The reduction in “other financial assets” is mainly attributable to:

  • €354 million in respect of the impairment loss on the receivable due to Enel Produzione from EP Slovakia BV relating to the sale of 50% of its investment in Slovak Power Holding BV;
  • €93 million in respect of the reclassification, from of medium- and long-term financial assets to short-term financial assets and securities, of the current portion of the amount due to e-distribuzione from the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (€56 million) and the amount due to the same company related to reimbursement of the extraordinary costs incurred by distributors for the early replacement of electromechanical meters with electronic devices (€37 million).