Enel’s approach to corporate reporting

The Integrated Annual Report of the Enel Group, consisting of the Report on Operations inspired by integrated thinking and the consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with the IFRS/IAS international accounting standards, represents the “core” document of the Enel Group’s integrated corporate reporting system, based on the transparency, effectiveness and accountability of information.
The objective of the Enel’s Integrated Annual Report is to describe its strategic thinking, summarized in the equation “sustainability = value”, and to present its results and the medium- and long-term outlook for a sustainable and integrated business model that in recent years has fostered the creation of value in the context of the energy transition.
The Enel Group has drawn inspiration from the “Core&More” reporting approach, designing its own corporate reporting system at the service of stakeholders in a connected, logical and structured manner and developing its own concept for presenting economic, social, environmental and governance information, in accordance with specific regulations, recommendations and international best practices.

This “Core Report” seeks to provide a holistic view of the Group, its sustainable and integrated business model and the related value creation process, including the qualitative and quantitative financial and non-financial information considered most relevant on the basis of a materiality assessment that also considers the expectations of stakeholders.
The “More Reports”, on the other hand, include more detailed and additional information, partly in compliance with specific regulations, than that provided in the Core Report while being cross referenced to the latter.